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About ILA Employers Welfare Fund


The ILA Employers Welfare Fund is a Taft-Hartley Multi-Employer Union Management Jointly Trusteed Trust Fund. It was established in 1957 and began paying fringe benefits to eligible participants in 1958. The Fund provides benefits to eligible participants and retirees in the Longshore industry and in the container maintenance and repair industry for the ILA Local Unions in the Ports of Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia.


The benefits are:

  1. Welfare benefits (health insurance) for eligible participants and retirees and their eligible dependents;

  2. Pension benefits for retired participants and eligible surviving spouses/beneficiaries of deceased participants; and

  3. Fund for Supplemental Vacation Benefits for eligible participants (Office employees excluded.)


The Fund is operated in accordance with several Federal Acts including the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the Multi-Employer Pension Plan.


Office Management and Trustees

Office Management

Mrs. Valarie F. West


Ms. Tabithea Smith-Rentz

Welfare Benefits Administrator - Ext: 205
Mrs. Kim P. Coney
Administrative Assistant I – Ext: 210
Ms. Alisha D. Moultrie
Administrative Assistant II – Ext: 211
Mrs. Sharon F. Brown
Claims Processor – Ext: 215
Mrs. Sherry L. Tippins
Claims Processor – Ext: 207
Ms. Yasmine Seche
Claims Processor – Ext: 206
Ms. Keiwana Norris
Receptionist – Ext: 201

The Trustees

The Trustees are charged with administering the Plans and managing the Plans’ assets for the benefit of eligible Participants. The Trustees are individuals designated by the ILA Locals and designated by the GSA. The ILA Locals and the GSA have an equal number of votes without any regard to how many Trustees are present at the time of any vote, and without regard to how many Trustees are appointed at any given time. The Trustees function collectively and are known as the “Joint Board of Trustees” for the Plans.


Mr. R. L. Harrison, Consultant
Marine Terminal Corporation, East
PO Box 1468
Savannah, GA 31498-5801
Mr. Timothy Mackey, President
ILA Local #1414
PO Box 1262
Savannah, GA 31402



Mr. Norman Massey, President
Georgia Stevedore Association
33 Bull Street, Suite 550
Savannah, GA 31401


Mr. Brad Ziegler, Trustee
Ceres Marine Terminal, INC
PO Box 2048
Savannah, GA 31402


Mr. Paul Hammock, Trustee
SSA/ Cooper
27 Chatham Center Dr. S.
Savannah, GA 31405


Mr. Chris Wynns, General Manager
Atlantic RO-RO Stevedoring, Inc.
173 Penniman Circle
Brunswick, GA 31523
Mr. Ricky C. Deloach, President
ILA Local #1475
PO Box 1325
Savannah, GA 31402-0334


Mr. James Tandy Jr., Trustee
ILA Local #1414
PO Box 1262
Savannah, GA 31402


Mr. Jackie Robinson, Trustee
ILA Local #1414
PO Box 1262
Savannah, GA 31402


Mr. Richard B. Nixon, President
ILA Local #1423
PO Box 604
Brunswick, GA 31521


Mr. Romey Smith, President
ILA Local #1863
220 Glass Circle
Brunswick, GA 31525


Mr. Kerry D. Scott, President
ILA Local #2046
191 Main Street
Garden City, GA 31408-1404

Alternate Trustees

Mr. Derrick Miles
SSA/Cooper LLC


Mr. William J. Long
SSA/Cooper LLC


Mr. Eddie W. McBride Jr.
ILA Local #1414


Mr. Stephen C. Sims
ILA Local #1475


Mr. Paul Mosley
ILA Local #1414
Mr. Phillip Bell
ILA Local #1414


Mr. Kenneth Thorpe
ILA Local #1423


Mr. James A. Johnson
ILA Local #1863


Mr. Bruce Smith
ILA Local #2046


Mr. Luke Doremus
Ports America